2Cool Music

Inside the 2Cool Music store, Chico CA2Cool Music is the new spot on the Chico map where everyone rocks, and the kids ROCK N RULE!!! With 2cool instruments and accessories you’re guaranteed to rock the socks off your audience! We have a variety of ”Rock Star” guitars and other awesome electric guitars and electric or acoustic basses with rockin’ colors and styles! There’s also a 2cool selection of acoustics and acoustic/electric guitars for those of you who aren’t tryin to rock too hard! Plus we have acoustic and electric drum sets as well as a few hand drums along with some violins, ukuleles, banjos and mandolins! We have weekly specials and always somethin on sale!




2Cool Music Store

2Cool Music is the newest and 2Coolest of Chico music stores. We have everything from electric and acoustic guitars and basses to banjos, ukuleles, violins and mandolins!

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The 2cool rockin’ vision is to provide all musicians with the 2coolest gear and instruments! With a strong focus on getting young bands and musicians the skills and opportunities to become stars and even more so to enjoy music itself! While also teaching them useful skills and knowledge needed throughout life! How can music do …

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